How to import products from China to start your online business


Import Products with Alibaba, an easy way to sell and make progress.

In order to start an online business, you need two things: the idea of a product and inventory of the same. If you already have an idea of product, the next step is to find the ideal vendor. On the internet has never been so easy to find a wholesale partner on the other side of the world as in these moments. However, supply your products from abroad still may seem like a daunting task for the new entrepreneurs on-line.

The most common reason that supports that many entrepreneurs look for products in Asia, particularly in China, is that it can take advantage of their low manufacturing costs. The costs in Asia can be significantly lower than in North America and other parts of the world, for several businesses, which can make it difficult to be profitable if not for the manufacture abroad.

If the costs of products are cheaper, this can be great, but it is not the only reason that Asia is an attractive place to find a provider… there are some additional benefits such as:


low manufacturing costs of
suppliers (generally) have more openness to work with small businesses and provide small amounts
greater number of suppliers to choose from
for many products, Asia is perhaps the only place where
a service such as Alibaba has made it much easier to browse and buy from suppliers

What is Alibaba?

If you’re serious and determined to seek suppliers overseas, Alibaba is the best place to start. By the numbers, Alibaba is the electronic commerce company in the world (bigger than Amazon and eBay combined) and is also the most comprehensive directory that connects suppliers (most of Asia) with buyers from all over the world. Alibaba literally has millions of products, from hundreds of thousands of providers, so there are many things you find in this directory.

What is the procedure for import of China any product?

Let me explain it to you now clearly:

1. Choice of product

here usually have several ideas, between which you want, choose the one that connect with your interests and hobbies. If you are going to import something, you should enjoy selling it!
If you already have a product, be sure to list your specifications and/or cotizarlo description so that you can then.

2.There Is No Provider Search millions of suppliers in China, but how many of these are reliable suppliers? To the naked eye, nobody can know… by what we quote, by filtering.

3. Quote

You have to learn how to interact with the Chinese vendors, usually do not disparage or 1 penny, when they know that you have no other option. The best strategy is to tell you the lowest price that you got from another provider.
When contacted and coticemos we must always have a clear technical specifications of the product you want to import.

4. Investigation of the supplier

a good provider is the basis of your business. The only way to be able to rely on a provider fully is visiting him in person. To do this, or you need to travel to China and do everything on your own or otherwise hire specialists in imports and advise you in this process. Many will tell you that it is not indispensable to visit to your provider, which is a lie. To be on the safe side, we must visit and filter the best among all the suppliers in China.

5. Secure Payment

Never deposit to a supplier by Western Union, or on behalf of an individual.
Use common sense and only depositale 100% reliable suppliers through interbank transfers with the Chinese bank swift code.

6. Payment of Taxes

When your products are on the way, you can go to manage some formalities associated for each import. Unlike what many say, this is the simplest of all the process. You must always pay the taxes to withdraw your products of customs.

7. Marketing, Sales & Distribution

here if you really stop to talk… is the most important and should be your primary focus. Sell with passion is to make your business grow and grow without stopping.
And… that’s all the procedure to follow to import any product from China successfully.



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